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by Amanda Charalambous / May 10, 2022

13 Loan Officers Recognized as 2022 Top Originators by Scotsman Guide

Loan Pronto is proud to announce that 13 of our Loan Officers were recognized as Top Originators for 2022 by Scotsman Guide.

Scotsman Guide's Top Originators is the industry's most comprehensive, verified rankings of the nation's top-producing residential mortgage brokers, originators, loan officers, bankers, and more. Its rankings are the true benchmark for performance in the mortgage industry.

Mortgage professionals with an NMLS who secured $40 million or more in production or closed 100 or more loans within the 2021 calendar year were included in the 2022 Top Originator rankings.

We are proud to honor our Loan Officers who earned their rankings in the following categories: Top Mortgage Brokers, Top Dollar Volume, Most Loans Closed, and Top Women Originators.

Top Mortgage Brokers

Out of 23,000+ mortgage brokers nationwide, 13 of our Loan Officers ranked in the top 400 by Scotsman Guide. We are incredibly proud of this achievement!

Rank/Loan Officer

#72 Roger Moore

#89 Vance Hagan

#148 Janine Eliya

#152 Ben Lewis

#157 Courtney Cherry

#177 Zack Neumeister

#186 Nick Isbey

#200 Max Boone

#206 Kelsey Boole

#231 James Adams

#279 Josh Lewis

#339 Alex Haddock

#378 Caroline Medlock

Top Dollar Volume

Rank/Loan Officer

#886 Roger Moore

#1092 Vance Hagan

#1892 Janine Eliya

#1958 Ben Lewis

#2057 Courtney Cherry

#2273 Zack Neumeister

#2454 Nick Isbey

#2629 Max Boone

#2729 Kelsey Boole

#3086 James Adams

#4016 Josh Lewis

#4992 Alex Haddock

#5741 Caroline Medlock

Most Loans Closed

With the addition of Harry Carwile, 14 of our Loan Officers were recognized for Most Loans Closed by Scotsman Guide.

Rank/Loan Officer

#577 Vance Hagan

#799 Roger Moore

#1043 Zack Neumeister

#1061 Courtney Cherry

#1128 Ben Lewis

#1137 Janine Eliya

#1250 Max Boone

#1297 Kelsey Boole

#1382 Nick Isbey

#2000 James Adams

#2176 Josh Lewis

#3286 Caroline Medlock

#3432 Alex Haddock

#7242 Harry Carwile

Top Women Originators

Scotsman Guide introduced the inaugural Top Women Originators ranking in 2018 to celebrate the accomplishments of outstanding women in the mortgage industry. It is the only verified ranking of women mortgage professionals.

We are proud to recognize four outstanding women at Loan Pronto as Top Women Originators for 2022.

Rank/Loan Officer

#443 Janine Eliya

#493 Courtney Cherry

#645 Kelsey Boole

#1453 Caroline Medlock

We applaud the determination and courage these Loan Officers have demonstrated over the past year. Congratulations again to our hardworking Loan Officers on their well-deserved achievements!

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