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Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval

All home buyers need to know the importance of pre-qualification vs. pre-approval. Let us explain: So, you are shopping around town for your new home, and all your ducks are in a row including a pre-qualified letter from your lender. Stop, do not pass “GO”, do not collect 200 dollars. This is where many people follow the wrong steps in the home-buying process.

  • pencil icon Lindsey Peterson
  • calendar icon Mar 31, 2018
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The Benefits of Cash-Out Refinancing

Home prices have risen to record highs, so refinancing might be the right move for your future. Whether you have been in your home one year or 10 years, you might want to consider refinancing your home. If you have equity in your home, you are eligible. The benefits of a cash-out refinance are rewarding short-term as well as long-term.

  • pencil icon Lindsey Peterson
  • calendar icon Mar 30, 2018
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Who Are We?

We are Loan Pronto, nice to meet you! Our name says it for you – we are your one-stop-shop for a simple, quick and enjoyable mortgage loan process when purchasing or refinancing your property.

  • pencil icon Lindsey Peterson
  • calendar icon Mar 29, 2018
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Why Wait?

Our integrated process is up to 4X faster than most lending institutions.