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Simpler Is Always Better

It's no secret that most people would describe their mortgage experience as a never-ending cycle of confusion, anxiety and scanner troubles. The real secret is that it doesn't have to be that way. We started Loan Pronto because we wanted to make refinancing or purchasing your home as easy as it should be. By leveraging the speed and efficiency of digital platforms, we make getting a loan faster, less expensive and less invasive, without sacrificing the personal service that helps put your concerns at ease. Basically, we make it simple because it should be.

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Less Is So Much More

Loan Pronto has developed a digital mortgage process that streamlines the loan process, saving you time, money and a lot of paper.

Who We Are

As lending professionals with years of experience, we got tired of seeing so many well-qualified borrowers be shut out of the market by a process that was unnecessarily complicated. So when we decided to take our expertise and match it with the latest in online tools and automation, we wanted to finally deliver a mortgage process that didn't leave qualified candidates scrambling to get to the finish line. The result is an easy-to-use digital platform that can get your mortgage needs handled faster with fewer expenses, allowing us to offer the lowest rates and fees in the industry.

And while technology makes the process simpler, at the core of our offerings is the personal service and care that gets to the heart of your needs. Our consultants will work with you every step of the way to ensure your experience provides you with the all the guidance, cooperation and support you deserve.

What We Stand For

  • CLIENT NEEDS FIRST - We respect your time and your money which is why our process is built around the needs of the customer, not the lender.
  • EDUCATION - We believe informed borrowers are satisfied borrowers and we take it upon ourselves to make sure you understand every step of the process.
  • TRANSPARENCY - We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and build relationships based on honesty and openness.
  • INNOVATION - We leverage technology and leadership to solve problems and improve the customer experience.
  • LOYALTY - We see every client interaction as a chance to grow your trust and become a true partner for all your mortgage needs.

Our Service Locations

Loan Pronto works with residents in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, California, Colorado, Tennessee, Florida, New Jersey, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Texas, Alabama, Illinois, and Ohio for all their home mortgage and home refinancing needs. If you live — or plan to live — in one of these states, we would love to talk to you and see how we can help.

Our Licenses

  • North Carolina Commissioner of Banks - North Carolina Broker License B-176020
  • North Carolina Commissioner of Banks - North Carolina Mortgage Lender License L-201295
  • California DBO Finance Lenders Law Licensee - 60DBO75473
  • South Carolina Commissioner of Banking License
  • Maryland Mortgage Lender License - Department of Licensing and Regulation - 22990
  • Virginia Bureau of Financial Institutions-Virginia Broker License
  • Colorado Mortgage Company Registration
  • Florida Office of Financial Regulation #MBR2521
  • Licensed by the Tennessee Dept of Financial Institutions #177932
  • Ohio Residential Mortgage Lending Act Certificate of Registration RM.804433.000
  • Licensed by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance
  • Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions
  • Georgia Department of Banking and Finance
  • Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities – License # 81231
  • Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions – License # MB749831
  • Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending
  • Alabama State Banking Department – License # 22951
  • Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation License # MB.6761637
  • Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services License #FL0024118
  • NMLS- #1661781
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Our Forever Client Program

When you refinance or buy a new home through Loan Pronto, we’ll waive or reduce a portion of your financing fees!

Why Wait?

Our integrated process is up to 4X faster than most lending institutions.